Do Virgo Men Like Older Women

Men have age preferences, just like they do when dating — she must be funny enough to make me spew wine all over the place, or she must come from a large, close-knit family.

You may not have a certain age in mind for whom you must date (that would be strange, right? ), but you most likely have an age range in mind.

This is the age range where you find you connect with ladies the best, whether it’s around your age, a bit younger than you or even a LOT older than you. Perhaps you have no choice at all!

When it comes to dating, no matter how you feel about your age, your true choice is written in the stars. Men date in various age groups for a variety of reasons. Younger women are thought to be the most fun, young, and impulsive.

Older women are seen as wiser, more experienced, and more composed. Of course, women of their own age may be quite different, but you have a better chance of bonding with them than with women of any other age group.

This isn’t to suggest that a younger woman can’t be smart, or that an older woman can’t be fun, but when men are looking for the ideal mate, they often search inside themselves to find someone they can connect to.

Let’s say you’re the kind of man who simply wants to have a good time without worrying about the repercussions.

You’re probably more attracted to younger ladies since they’re at the age when the day after a big, wild party doesn’t matter as much to them.

Or maybe you’re the kind of guy who just wants to settle down with someone for the long haul. You’ve had your fill of partying, and all you want now is someone to come home to after a long day at work.

An older lady may be more appealing to you since she has likely already gone through her partying period and is more likely to be relaxed and peaceful. What if you don’t have a preference in the first place?

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