Do Virgos Like To Be Chased

Does he want to be pursued or does he not want to be pursued? When they’re left wondering what the hell is going on, a lot of folks write to me and ask.

To answer the question, does a Virgo guy like being pursued, consider how he thinks. We must comprehend the mind of a Virgo guy. When a Virgo guy is interested in another person, he looks for indications of reciprocal admiration. He’ll observe the lady for a time, seeing how she interacts with others and, most crucially, how she behaves while she’s in his presence.

The Virgo guy is always on the lookout for “the one” who would complete him and make his life worthwhile. He may be thinking long-term or short-term.

On the street, a happy pair wears headphones and listens to music from their smartphone – Is it better for a Virgo man to be chased or for you to pursue him?

He won’t pursue you until he is certain you are “the one.” At that moment, he drops his guard, spills all of his secrets, and tells you how much he loves you.

So, in this situation, he goes at breakneck speed. I’ve had this experience with a Virgo, which is why I’m able to share it with you. Mine was a man I had a thing for in high school but hadn’t spoken to in over a quarter-century.

We reconnected via social media, and within a few days, he was already on the phone with me. Not only that, but the first call lasted three hours! He continued telling me how awesome I was and how much he liked me.

He told me he loved me during the second phone conversation, which lasted almost three hours, and then texted me a few hours later to tell me there were many reasons he liked me but there weren’t enough words to express it.

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