What happens When you Ignore a Virgo Man

Of course, the reason you’re contemplating ignoring him is important. But, regardless of the cause, there are certain common reactions that Virgo men have when they are neglected.

Let’s look at how ignoring a Virgo guy works and if it’s a useful tool for you.

You’re probably thinking of ignoring him because you want him to value you more and pay more attention to you. Perhaps he has harmed you or just hasn’t given you the attention you need.

When should you ignore a Virgo man? When should you ignore a Virgo man?

Your first response may be rage, and you decide to “give him a taste of his own medicine” by ignoring him.

The time isn’t always the best attitude to have, ignoring him for a while maybe the best option. Not to show him how much it hurts, but to show him that you’re self-sufficient, valuable, and don’t need his constant attention.

Things aren’t going well in your relationship, and you’d want him to show more appreciation for you.

If your relationship is in trouble and communication isn’t working, you should show him what he stands to lose if he doesn’t try to improve things.

Allow him to experience life without you by totally ignoring him for a few days. There will be no phone calls or messages. Allow him to mull things over for a while. Make him feel as though you’re ready to walk away and that if he doesn’t change, he’ll lose you.

You want him to value you and consider himself fortunate to have you. And neglecting him in way will only serve to remind him of how fortunate he is.

Sitting around and ignoring him is not a good idea. Spend time with your pals. Make improvements to your life. Make time for yourself.

When you reconnect after you’ve neglected him for a while and he’s felt like he’s lost power over you, he should alter a little. He’ll be more afraid of losing you, so he’ll try to make you feel valued.

He has been belittling you or attempting to dominate you.

Another reason to ignore a Virgo for a time is to curb his power-hungry, dominating tendencies.

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