How to Text a Virgo Woman

Each zodiac sign is led by a celestial body that reveals something important about the characteristics of that sign. Mercury, the planet of communication and information, rules Virgo.

Texting and other kinds of communication are extremely essential to Virgos since they are the zodiac sign ruled by the planet of communication. If you don’t have the required communication abilities, you won’t be able to win the affection of a Virgo lady.

When text flirting with a Virgo woman, make sure your messages are straightforward and succinct. Virgos appreciate honesty and open communication, so make sure your messages are clear and concise. Don’t expect your Virgo crush to figure out the real meaning behind your ambiguous words if you’re being too subtle.

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While a Virgo woman is excellent at expressing facts, concepts, and ideas, she lacks emotional awareness and may struggle to communicate her feelings. Keep your flirtatious text messages genuine and pleasant to your Virgo woman instead of gushing sentimentally.

Virgos are timid and conventional, so if you want to start a flirtation with a lady born under this astrological sign, you’ll have to make the first move. Just to start the discussion, send her a note to let her know you’re thinking about her.

Because Virgo values trust and fidelity, you’ll need to reassure your Virgo crush that she’s the only lady you’re messaging if you want her to respond to your flirty texts. Make her feel unique and avoid being overly pushy. Though you behave as if you’re dating someone else or that you’re too busy to be present for her, she’ll believe you and back away.

Virgos are known for their honesty, which is generally seen as good quality, but they can sometimes be brutally honest. A Virgo woman will always offer you her honest assessment, and she will not sugarcoat the facts to protect your emotions.

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