Will a Virgo Man lead you On

Do you think the Virgo man you’re dating is a little too reserved at times? Do you see how he pulls back when you attempt to go forward? Will you get led on by a Virgo man?

Will you be led on an image by a Virgo man?

Do you want your Virgo guy to feel more love, intimacy, and emotional connection in your relationship? It’s something that Virgo Man Secrets can assist you with.

Will You Follow a Virgo Man?

Here are some telltale signs that your Virgo guy is just playing games with you.

He’s a book that’s been closed.

On an emotional level, a Virgo will take a long time to open up. He’ll speak about his hobbies and life objectives at the very least when he’s attempting to get to know a lady.

He may be playing you if you’re hanging out with a Virgo guy you believe you’re getting to know and he’s not telling you anything about himself.

When he isn’t engaged, a Virgo guy may seem cold and aloof. Virgo men are usually wary of one-night encounters and flings. There are, of course, exceptions to any rule.

His life ambitions and objectives are extremely particular to him. He just talks about them with individuals that he wants to be in his life for a long time, if not forever. He speaks about it with his family and close friends, but when he’s talking to a lady, he stays silent.

Either he’s playing you or he’s simply looking for a layup.

He gets silent while on a work trip.

That is to say, he may be scouting other women, having extramarital relationships with colleagues, or meeting new ladies via his job.

This occurs when he doesn’t want to commit to anybody or thinks the person he’s “seeing” isn’t the proper person for him. He’s testing the waters to see how he reacts, and he’s having a good time doing it.

When he’s on the road for business, he may only communicate with you rarely, if at all. He may claim he’s too busy right now to speak or that he’ll call you when he returns.

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