When a Leo Man Ignores You What does it Mean

Do you feel that the particular Leo in your life is ignoring you? Do you have any idea why he’s ghosting you like this? Maybe you’re searching for some pointers on how to win him over?

But, before we get started on this list, I want you to read this tale thoroughly.

Until I discovered a significant component of male psychology that influences how guys feel about their love interests.

When I figured out how to engage this psychological trigger, it completely changed my luck with guys. It enabled me to make them feel special in a way that no other woman could (read my personal story to learn more).

Once you know-how, this is a simple talent to pick up. Despite this, it seems that few individuals are aware of its existence.

Then, to cope with the Leo who isn’t investing in you, follow the advice below…

Why is he so uninterested in me?

There are a few things that we know are complete turn-offs for Leo guys and will force them to seek out another partner. They expect certain traits from their ladies, whereas there are a few things a woman may do that will make him run a mile.

You are a clingy person.

While a Leo guy needs a devoted partner to bolster his ego, if you are overly clinging, he will begin to ignore you and give you space. There’s a delicate balance to be struck here since he doesn’t want to be neglected, but if you lavish him with too much attention and make yourself too accessible to him, he’ll lose interest in you.

The good news is that you will have some time to yourself as a result of this. You may notice that he no longer ignores you if you let him spend time with his buddies without any drama from you. Remember that when a Leo guy feels trapped and suffocated, he ignores his partner.

You may not realize you’re being clingy, so give him a break now and again and enjoy the benefits when you do get to spend time together.

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