How to Make a Leo Man Chase you Again

A Leo guy enjoys a good chase, which is why it may be difficult to maintain the enchantment once the hunt is done.

To keep him in the end, you’ll need to grasp his psychology and anticipate his tendencies, which a handbook like Leo Man Secrets can show you how to accomplish.

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WHY DO LEOS NEED TO SEEK YOU OUT? This man’s astrological sign is the lion, the ruler of the wild.

Lions are kings of the hunt. They can wait for extended periods until the perfect opportunity to act.

When it comes to obtaining what they want, Leos, like lions, are patient. They are unyielding and will not give up, regardless of how long it takes.

They like a good challenge and avoid anything too simple for them.

When a Leo guy finally gets a date with the lady he’s lusted for, he feels like he’s won something.


Be seductive Leo men like women who know how to dress well and take care of themselves.

You should, nevertheless, attempt!

Dress to impress if you want a Leo guy to pursue you.

Wear sultry attire, the riskier the better. Just don’t be too obnoxious.

This Leo man’s mind would be stimulated by a tight garment that reveals his cleavage and legs.

Wear clothes that accentuate your body, and be seductive while conversing with him.

Make him lean in to hear you out. The closer he comes to you, the more he’ll turn on.

Please flatter him.

Leos may be conceited and egotistical. They like being the center of attention and are always prepared for a large gathering.

Let him know what you appreciate about what he does.

Let him know that he has the greatest musical taste.

He can’t seem to stay away from flattery or the person who bestows it on him.

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