Why does Leo Man pull Away

The Sun rules this Fire sign, which explains why the Lion of the Zodiac is so brilliant and wants to be the center of attention, much like the Sun does in our solar system. Leo is also a Fixed sign, which means they respect tradition and maintaining the status quo.

Leo males, as rulers of the jungle, strive to captivate everyone and everyone who comes into contact with them. They flourish when they can impart their knowledge to others and tell them what to do. The Leo guy is the master of his domain and enjoys being in control.

Despite their need for attention, Leos are extremely passionate, giving, and creative, and they adore love! They desire nothing more than to spend their time and energy captivating others and radiating self-assurance.

Though this may irritate some people and make Leo seem haughty, they are sensitive people who maintain a good attitude.

On the other hand, certain personality characteristics aren’t that appealing. Leos may be conceited, jealous, and possessive. They are easily enraged when they are not in the spotlight.

When they don’t get the attention they want, they get insecure and emotionally depressed; their jealousy stems from the same area, where they feel rejected and underappreciated.

A prospective partner may earn Leo’s love by showing interest in what he likes, and Leo will return the favor. This is a guy who prefers to show off and impress you rather than play games.

His spouse is well aware of his royal inclinations, ego, and expensive behavior by the time he finally joins a relationship. He is, nevertheless, a devoted spouse who wants the same in return.

He’s attractive and flirtatious, but he’s also trustworthy, so his girlfriend won’t have to worry about his wandering eye.

Yes, the Leo mentality may be flamboyant, but when he falls in love, he transforms into a loving presence who lives on the company. He has a big heart that he follows at all times, sometimes ignoring reasoning and acting on passion.

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