When a Leo Man is Interested in You

Leo is a fiery fire sign that is both complicated and seductive. When they’re attracted to a lady, these guys prefer to play the field and maybe a bit hot and cold.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!

His gaze has been fixed on you.

The glance of a Leo man is passionate and fiery. His soul, as well as his desire for you, are visible in his eyes.

Eye contact is an undeniable indication of attraction, and Leo men are well aware of this. They will find it difficult to take their gaze away from you if they like you. They’ll stare at you for a long time, waiting for you to look their way. If you glance his way and he maintains direct eye contact with you until you turn away, it indicates you’ve piqued his interest and he’s attempting to capture it with a dominating frame.

So pay attention to what his eyes are doing while he’s near you. Can you tell where he’s looking at you? Is he gazing at you to check whether you’re having a good time? Is he seeking to meet your eyes when something amusing or entertaining occurs if you’re in a group? All of these are indications that he’s interested in you.

He lavishes you with attention and lavishes you with praises.

The men of Leo are well aware that attention is a valuable commodity. They understand how to attract attention to oneself and how to give it to others.

Here are some more ways your Leo man may show his love for you:

He praises your appearance. This may be your hair, cosmetics, or clothing, among other things. Any modifications you make to your look are immediately noticed by him.

He congratulates you on your achievements and ensures that you feel encouraged. He makes a point of highlighting all of your abilities, skills, and potential. He’s always looking for reasons to speak to you, and he’s always coming up with new conversation subjects to keep things interesting, and he’s always asking for your input.

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