How do you know a Leo Man is not Interested

If a Leo guy is just interested in friendship, he will tell you. If he’s sexually attracted to you, a Leo guy may play games with you, but he won’t deceive you in a relationship.

He Openly Admits It

A Leo guy who isn’t paying attention is a strong warning sign. He may say openly that he doesn’t care about you or that he simply wants to be friends with you. It’s better to trust a Leo guy when he says he’s not interested.

Don’t attempt to push a relationship or pursue a Leo guy who has said unequivocally that he isn’t interested in you. Leo guys are self-assured and know exactly what they want.

If you ignore a Leo man’s message that he isn’t interested in a relationship, you may inadvertently destroy whatever possibility of friendship you may have had. If you are patient and give a Leo guy time, he will alter his mind about a love interest.

He Doesn’t Pay Attention To You

If you’re wondering why Leos keep their distance, it may simply be because he’s busy. If he is quiet for an extended time, it may mean he isn’t interested in you. He may be giving you the quiet treatment in the hopes that you would notice.

How long does a Leo guy put a lady to the test? Not for long, at least. He’ll gently press your buttons to see how you react. However, this generally entails paying attention to you.

He keeps his distance from you

It’s a good indication a Leo guy isn’t interested if you know he spotted you but didn’t say hello or approach you. It’s an indication that you’re wasting your time with him if he ducks and hides when you catch his sight in public.

If a Leo guy avoids you, don’t follow him down. He’s telling you he’s not interested if he regularly ignores your calls and messages and then behaves as if he doesn’t know who you are.

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