How to keep a Leo Man Chasing You

While a Leo guy loves a woman flirting with him, he prefers to be the one doing the chase since he wants to be the “man.” If you attempt to pursue him down, he may get irritated and flee.

It’s ideal if you tell him you like him, flirt with him, praise him, and so on, but don’t attempt to follow him down. Allow him to make the choices and movements. If he has to chase you down, he’ll admire you much more. Make yourself occupied so he doesn’t think you’re sitting around all day yearning for him. He aspires to be everything to you, but not everything to you.

He is an alpha man from the Zodiac sign. They want to be in charge of the relationship’s decisions, and even while dating, he wants to decide when and when he sees you. Allowing him to do this for you will instill confidence in him and demonstrate that you are the one for him. If he isn’t pursuing you yet, you might consider these hints on how to make a Leo guy pursue you.

You are well capable of doing this task. It’s not nearly as tough as it seems. Remember how it felt when you first fell in love? Women were courted by men, and men were courted by women. That’s the place you need to be.

The Leo guy enjoys expressing his affection for his spouse or prospective mate. You’ll have to show him how much you admire him to persuade him to look in your way. In every way you can, compliment him.

Don’t go overboard, or he’ll suspect you’re being a bit phony. He wants to believe you’re serious. Praise him for his appearance, the way he makes you feel, his grin, or anything else that is genuine. This is only one of the ways you may win a Leo man’s heart.

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