How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Scorpio Man

Be enigmatic and mysterious

Scorpio guys are enigmatic and enamored with the unknown. Despite their uninterested appearance, they are always observing, analyzing, and attempting to figure out others. Don’t provide too much information about yourself all at once. Allow him to use his imagination. He’ll be drawn to you like a moth to a flame by your mysterious demeanor. He’ll attempt to have more in-depth discussions with you to learn more about you.

Allow him to lead the pursuit

Scorpio guys like flirting with and pursuing women. They desire to be in charge, and difficulties drive them. If you are too easy to please, your Scorpio guy may lose interest fast. As a result, the key is to gently let him know you’re interested before playing hard to get.

Always be truthful

Scorpio males have an amazing capacity to see right through people’s masks and underlying intentions. Any dishonesty will turn him off and jeopardize your chances of capturing his heart. He has a skeptical temperament, so be honest with him if you want to gain his confidence and retain him for the long haul. Your honesty and reliability will be appreciated by him.

Be self-assured and ambitious

You are naturally bold and ambitious as a Leo woman, therefore this part of the guidelines for attracting a Scorpio will be easy for you. Your drive and self-assurance are what drew him to you. He will not be hesitant to listen to your achievements and aspirations.

Allow him plenty of room

Scorpio guys need a lot of alone time to replenish their batteries. So don’t be alarmed if he withdraws from you. Allow him some breathing room. He’ll be more energized and eager to spend quality time with you once he’s had enough time to relax.

Scorpios are enigmatic creatures that like to keep their secrets to themselves. As a result, refrain from bombarding him with numerous inquiries or suspicions. Allow him to get to know you by being patient with him. Give him ample room to breathe and allow him to open up when he’s ready.

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