Do Leos like to be Chased

A Leo guy enjoys being the center of attention and the life of the party. He is frequently surrounded by admirers and supporters.

As a result, if you like a Leo guy, you may feel that there’s too much competition for you to stand a chance, or that getting a Leo man to pursue you is impossible.

Do not join his posse.

If you want a Leo guy to pursue you, you must avoid becoming one of his courtiers. This may be tough, particularly if you have strong feelings for him.

You may start to feel envious of him as he seems to be lapping up all the attention. However, if you become one of his supporters, your cause is likely to be forgotten.

Pay attention to what you’re doing instead, and stick to your interests. If his gaze drifts towards you, you know what you’re doing is effective.

Develop your style

There is no one “look” that will entice a Leo guy. Instead, you must dress in a manner that complements your personality.

The unique and exotic appeal to a Leo guy. He isn’t drawn to sloppiness or casualness.

A Leo guy is concerned about what others will think of him, despite his confident and regal attitude.

Regardless of this, or maybe because of it, he is drawn to someone who does not seem to care about other people’s views.

Prove your toughness

A Leo guy, like other Fire Signs, is drawn to power. It is the lioness who hunts in the realm of the lion, which is his emblem. He’s looking for a lady that understands her thoughts and isn’t scared to speak her opinion.

It may be difficult for you to recognize your strengths if you are typically shy, but you are certain to have them. Allow him to see you doing things that you are comfortable with.

Do not, under any circumstances, allow him to intimidate you. Yes, regardless of his real socioeconomic position, he considers himself a king. Yes, he has a powerful roar.

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